Understanding Platforms: What They Are, Why They Work, When to Use Them, How to Build Them

QCOn San Francisco San Francisco, CA

Technical concepts are something that are thought of, approached, and understood differently across engineers, managers, and executives. Bridging the gaps and providing understanding to a complex and nuanced topic across all three groups can sometimes feel impossible. In this talk, we’ll do just that.

Together, we’re going to go over not just platforms and platform engineering, but the very fabric of doing, what it means to learn, and how collective thought scales across a team, an organization and an industry. Utilizing that, we’ll go over platform engineering from the perspectives of an engineer, a manager, and an executive. All at the same time.

Not only will we go over a consistent framework for how each group can think about and understand platform engineering, we’ll spend time going over how each group can communicate with other and understand each other in a way that’s effective, actionable, and transformative.